Doxis Lighting Factory

Founded in 2002, Doxis Lighting Factory is a young and dynamic company. Their designers as well as team have been in the lighting business for over 20 years. The company develops, designs, produces and assembles architectural lighting fixtures at their facilities in Genk, Belgium.

Doxis has partnerships with well-known designers, architects and engineers creating very up-to-date designs. Their designers guarantee first quality components and latest technology. Philips, Bridgelux, Citizen, Vossloh-Schwabe, Stucchi, ACL, Jordan, LEDil, etc… to name a few.

Today Doxis is proud to serve dealers in more than 20 countries. Their products are installed all over Europe including Nike shops in Europe, several Tommy Hillfiger shops, several Mc Donalds hamburger restaurants, Jurassic Parc Warswa, KRC fanshop Genk, Belgium, Airport Hong Kong, Airport Bremen (Germany), City Hall Luxemburg, City Hall Heusden-Zolder, Living Tomorrow Brussels, Bocasa Carehome of the Future Heusden-Zolder, Ferrari München, entrance Messe Frankfurt, Kerastase, Istanbul shopping mall, Qatar office block, Opera House Sydney, Postbank Amsterdam, Chiquita Banana HQ, Charlotte, NC.